Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Political Tsunami?

There were only 8.1% of readers who voted for Arif when I took a look at my poll yesterday's afternoon. And now his share of votes have increased to 12.5%. Is this an indication that Arif have a peek at turning the table against the formidable Anwar? Or perhaps there's nothing for PKR to worry about. Whatever it is, tomorrow will be the DAY for Permatang Pauh's voters! In other words, Malaysian fate will rely on each single vote that they make!!!

Looks very unlikely!
But impossible is nothing right?

Tomorrow's stake is too high for everyone. The fierce campaigning by both BN and PKR testify that tomorrow by election will make-or-break either one of them. A do-or-die if you like. All the anti-BN are convinced that tomorrow's by election is one sure-win poll. Only anwar himself can lose it. Can Anwar achieve a throbbing and walkover conquest with a majority larger than that won by his wife 5 months ago? Can Anwar stockpile the lion share's of votes more than 13,388 votes?

Any guarantee on that?

Will the young and rebellious unite behind Pakatan Rakyat piously? Can they ensure that Anwar could garner even greater majority than the 13,388 votes won by Azizah? Or will the bystanders and the old folks have the final say on the fate of BN and PKR? Will we witness another political tsunami in Permatang Pauh? And ultimately, will the ripples be destructive or instrumental? Only Permatang Pauh voters can have that privileged say to create another history!

Epic battle? Obviously very one-sided heh!

But to make things clear...who is responsible at the worsening political, economic and nation-building crisis in the past five months? Is it the Government? Or is it Anwar? Do ponder and think about it. Sleep on it if you like. Good night~~~