Sunday, April 13, 2008

Stop And Stare (and integrate my blog)!

Everyone needs a break right?

Hie guys! It's been a while since I last posted (relatively speaking) right? The last one was about Frodo and Gandalf using email right! In fact this few days while I was at the comfort of my home, I read Tolkien's The Hobbit. Haven't finish it yet, but it's very entertaining! And the main hobbit in this book is Frodo's uncle-Bilbo Baggin! You guys remember him?

Well, I went back to my hometown last Thursday. And here I am, back again in my rented room. It's not a very desired reception of welcome I got earlier. Yeah, it was pouring cats and dogs. On top of that I had to carry a lot of stuff, mostly food and grocery from my beloved mom. I'm not complaining, it's just that the timing is too flawed. I don't have enough hands to hold my luggage, two big red plastic bags and my umbrella! Luckily only my bottom got soaked up! Now I could feel my back and shoulder aching as I am typing this! *ouch* =(

I have deadline to meet. Hence most probably I wouldn't be able to post another blog for a few days. So, here's where this post's title make sense. I invite you guys to stop and stare at my recent posts while I will be in away mode for a while. Perhaps if you guys are slightly oblivious, you might have miss out a blue widget on the right hand side that contains all my recent posts (up to 20 I guess)! Anyway here's a glimpse of it (below):

And yeah! If you guys find this Live Life! widget interesting and wanted to integrate it into your can you know! In fact you can also add my Live Life! widget to your MySpace, FaceBook, TypePad, Wordpress, Mutlyply just to name a few. I'm sure you'll find adding Live Life! to your social network space will make reading my posts more convenient! Click HERE to have this Live Life widget right now! [Thanks ya! =)] Anyway you guys can always bookmark ya!

Thanks for reading this post! And for those who are in their final year in University or College! All the best to you in meeting dead lines. And to my comrades in Marine Sciences, let us kill our thesis okay! Ha =) Don't worry! We can make it! If not we can always extend right (no pun intended)? Last but not least, let us enjoy the following video from One Republic!

Let us Stop And Stare!