Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gandalf And Frodo's Secret Weapon: Yahoo!

We must e-mail Aragorn at once!

Now Saruan is really no match for Gandalf and Frodo! WHY? It's easy, because both of them are using Yahoo! Mail and SMS to stay in touch. They exploit the advantage of telecommunication to out-communicate Saruan! I bet later on both them might even use GPS to navigate their way to Mordor. Then do some Yahoo! search to find ways to defeat Saruan and his minion! =)

Yupe! You guys might say that I'm trying to promote Yahoo! In fact I am. I had my 1st email with Yahoo! IMHO, Yahoo! Mail has the slight edge over GMail and Hotmail. The latter two purists might argue...but Yahoo! is a little better overall-ly! In fact, with the latest buzz revolving around Yahoo! and Microsoft, I am more determined to help promote Yahoo! Hopefully Yahoo! will not be acquitted by the Giant bully-Microsoft. that I mentioned it, I thing Microsoft is like Saruan in LOTR and Frodo and friends are from Yahoo! Frodo had to destroy the ring and stop Saruan (Microsoft) from taking over the the earth (Yahoo!). And as we all know, in the end Frodo and gang had beaten Saruan! So, I reckon in the end Microsoft will lose their bid to take over Yahoo! Anyway. let's watch how Frodo and Gandalf play around with their Yahoo!

Saruan, here they come!