Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stop Insulting Yourself Mahathir!

Please stop shaming yourself!

Tun Mahathir was once a person who was look up as a role model by everyone from all walks of life. Every Malaysians know him. He was a a very good leader and none came close to emulate his...until now! Yes, everyone knew the saga between the former and the present prime minister! A storm is brewing and there seems to be no stopping for our rampant outspoken Mahathir!

The person that everyone once revered and adored (including me) is now showing off the darker side of his mettle! It is no secret that Mahathir wanted to get rid off Abdullah once and for all! His reason is simple: The leadership (BN, UMNO) is doing all the wrong things. But really, I'm sure many of us is not that mentally disabled to see what is really happening right? We are not blind to the fact that Mahathir is the one responsible for Operasi Lalang with more than 100 people detained under ISA! And we are not ignorant to see that Mahathir indirectly "terminated" his political opponent: Anwar accused for sodomy and Karpal was detained under ISA twice! In fact during Mahathir's era, the media was more controlled! Mahathir, please don't belittle our intelligence and please don't insult yourself anymore!

Obviously he is doing all in his might (press conference, children's connections) to dethrone Abdullah from making "mistakes" again! Let's have a flash back shall we: Immediately after Abdullah took over the helm of leadership, Anwar was released! This action "slapped" Mahathir and his old nemesis (Anwar) is not going to let Mahathir off for making him a sodomizer!

Anwar: It's pay back time!

Anwar is one smart ass. Abdullah knew Anwar is really familiar with every stones and pebbles in Mahathir's beach. And now with his new found freedom, Anwar will be going out all guns to bring Mahathir down. The Lingam case that Anwar exposed had really dent Mahathir's reputation! And if Anwar continue to turn every stones and pebbles, not only Mahathir's reputation is in jeopardy BUT also his golden years!!! And Mahathir's fear seems to be closer and closer every day. Now, there's even calls to reopen the cases which Mahathir had allegedly being corrupt.

A lot is at stake and the time is ticking! And the worst defeat of BN in the recent election is the only way for Mahathir to save his remaining days. So Mahathir made Abdullah the scapegoat for the heavy defeat and wanted him to be replaced! Mahathir orchestrate his onslaught with press conference, children's connections and exploiting the UMNO general election to eliminate Abdullah. Then replace Abdullah with a new PM which Mahathir can control or influence! But his endeavour look a little too desperate right?

Yes! Put the blame on me!

If you guys really ponder long you think all those corrupted officers and ministers from the grassroot level to the leaders: Do you think they started to be corrupted only when Abdullah is the PM? No. This unethical, immoral corrupted people had been nurtured since Mahathir's era. So, do you think Abdullah should be blamed for all this? In fact he did all in his might to uncover all those corrupts. Aren't you guys perplexed why there are so many corruption cases being reported? He did it delicately. Of course Abdullah could not afford to openly turn his back on this so-called "traitors"! This is where Anwar come into the picture. And hell yes Mahathir is trembling and having sleepless nights since Anwar is out there walking freely! But the truth will always prevail. Time is the only thing that is stopping all Mahathir's black spots! And if Abdullah is not replaced soon, all Mahathir's corrupt past will haunt him and this spell doom for him. Of course, Abdullah will not be replaced!

Mahathir's double-edge sword actions is inflicting more harm to himself than to Abdullah! And his comrade Razaleigh (who once betrayed UMNO and BN) did little help to redeem himself. Mahathir's actions is not only harming UMNO, BN but also Malaysia and the people. His reckless moves had indirectly caused political unrest in our country. This surely does not bode well to Malaysia's economy and our recent poor KLCI is a testimony that our country is being shackled by political issues. An who's at the receiving end of all this? We-the Malaysian!

Please Tun Mahathir that all of us still respect! Stop being vindictive! Please stop all your selfish act. You are once our leader. Don't turn your back on us right now! Please repent!

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Unknown said...

To my dear friend, I do not really agree with what you said and you are mixing things up here.

What Tun Dr. M did previously (as per your description - Corruption)and what this stone-faced PM did is different. Dr. M attacked Abdullah Badawi on his incapability to lead the party, his incapability to foresee problems coming, and even worst he doesn't know what the nations think.

As a PM Badawi should know what the nations think of his administration, what he promised is fullfilled, whether people are getting better under his charge etc.

Yes I do agree that corruption started since Dr. M reigns, but there's always a limit to it, and more importantly he did repay back to society. He got his shares and nations got theirs. That's why we don't hear people go against Dr. M

Comparing to Pak Lah, what he did against corruption? He first promised to curb corruption when first took over Dr. M and the nations are so happy and eagerly waiting this to be swipe away the corruption attitude, but unfortunately to say, Pak Lah not only fail to reduce the corruption culture, yet he made it worst. Since he took over as PM corruption is at its record level high, and who benefited most were all his cronies, especially for example his 'smart son-in-law' Khairy Jamaluddin.

Pak Lah as well as his cronies had eaten out so much of our country's wealth and they do not repay back to the nations, that's why all Malaysians are so fed-up with him. Also Pak Lah always gave people the impression that he's a Mr. nice guy! He took every of the criticisms into stomach himself and let the people to judge.

Now why he started to fight back? Why don't he let the people and truth to uncovered itself? Very simple - He is trying to safe guard his own ass sitting in the Dr. M designated seat in Putrajaya, and he's doing every possible thing to brush aside responsibility to all other coalition parties but themselve.

3 majors factors prior to 12th Gen. Election for Pak Lah is (1) He doesn't sensed the unsatisfaction of Malaysian towards his administration. (2) He told Malaysians they receive a record highest number of corruption cases lodged, yet majority of cases went inconclusive. (3) He release a wounded tiger back into jungle! The tiger now is back to haunt him down.

So for what you said I totally disagree with you. There are 2 separate issues here. Tun Dr. M is just teaching Pak Lah the tip of becoming a good PM although it'sa little too late now.

This scenario also shown that Dr M's power in Malaysia's political compound is still as strong as ever, and Pak Lah still has a long way to go before matching it (but I doubt he has that amount of time). This also shows Malaysian still prefer Dr. M's admnistration than Pak Lah. Dr. M still has the power to affect the outcome of people's thinking and Pak Lah just losing his direction, his mind, his thought, his everything.

To me Pak Lah is just hanging there and rope will soon be broken! Pak Lah just sitting there on borrowed time!

Tekkaus said...

Well Vincent! Indeed you have your own voices. But every one have their own views right? No one know the truth, not even, you, me and others out there!


What Mahathir did was truly unbecoming of him. To me he was a legend..but not anymore. He's tarnishing himself! Launching the self-destruct mode.

You said that Mahathir is teaching Abdullah a lesson. Nope, everyone know that what he is doing is uncharacteristic of a leader. If Mahathir is really sincere in teaching Abdullah, he would have done all in his resolve to negotiate with Abdullah behind closed doors. He should be a gentleman in handling this issue. Perhaps you could argue thay he won't get the chance to do so...but really...someone of Mahathir's pedigree could easily arrange a negotiation with Abdullah.

Instead Mahathir uses all his political influence and ride on the media frenzy! Exploiting every loop holes to garner interest to mount his personal attacks on Abdullah! A really sincere leader would have been more patient and be more delicate in handling such issue! He should have speak with Abdullah one on one. But NO he's not going to stoop low, not after Abdullah had leak all his "bleak history"! Not after Abdullah failed to cover up his mess! So Mahathir launch his self defense-get rid of Abdullah before it's too late.

And his public outburst is not good for our country! His lashes is hurting not only Abdullah but us-we Malaysian is at the receiving end! Don't get me wrong, the respect I have for Mahathir is NEVER LESS than our so-called "sleepy" Abdullah!

But I'm totally against Mahathir's misdeamanour! Try to think again! Will PAS or DAP would have won in the election if Mahathir's is still in control! Most unlikely right? And we know the reason is because Mahathir is really good at framing people up! The wounded tiger-Anwar is an example! Sure enough Abdullah leadership is not being effective! He couldn't have done everything by himself right?

Abdullah should rethink his leadership. No doubt about it! At the same time, Mahathir should have cease his arsenal of attack for the sake of the country!

Tekkaus said...

It's always easy to do the wrong things! And it's damm hard to be a good guy! Just like training your so-called Gods in Black and White games!

Mahathir took the easier path to settle the score or to "teach" Abdullah a lesson! That is by making all the easy and wrong moves. Well, after all it's easy to make outburst an lashes out your acid tongue than doing everything delicately right?

Mahathir's motive might be for good! But his execution is poorly done and it showed frailty. What had become our nation's man of wisdom?

Come one Mahathir! Please stop! Abdullah wake up sleepy head. This is his do-or-die and make or break time! Let's see how things unravel! But I sincerely hope everyone is willing to sacrifice for our nation! Please stop the bickering!

Tekkaus said...

Vincent! Thanks for your comment! I really appreciate it. Do drop by more often. But don't hentam me to teruk lar! Again thanks. =)

M-Factor said...

Hi Christopher,

No hard feeling. We all want what's best for not only us, but also our country. You are right it's only our own opinion, and maybe both of us were wrong. Maybe the real reason is something else.

Anyhow, we should now take a step backward and see what will uncover by all these hypes.

One more thing I don't like about Abdullah Badawi is he always appeared as Mr Nice Guy and he talked more than he does. So it's obvious people are getting fed up with all these, at the same time Anwar Ibrahim is making use of this opportunity to hit BN hardest. That's why they won!

Also under Pak Lah's administration, he has no control or whatsoever on them and that had led to his so-called sabotage within UMNO and its coalition. Worse now is that all these ministers still putting blames to its coalition and members but themselve.

To me, it's a bad sign and attitude. They never admit their mistake, and they were never learn from this defeat. I hope those who lost in the election will carryout their self post mortem to see where the actual cause is, not trying to find ones to shoulder the blame!

Thanks for your comment as well and do visit mine's as well when free. Nice chatting to you here!

Tekkaus said...

Thanks M-factor! It's really undeniable that Pak Lah and his cabinets should be looking into this matter asap! As you mentioned, a post-mortem is vital. And playing the blame game is not going to help ease the real thorn that's hurting everyone. Hopefully the dusk will settle soon! Anyway, thanks again for visiting ya! Really appreciate your comment. =)