Tuesday, April 22, 2008

PAS' Black and White

First thing first. Let's talk about the white! Congratulation to PAS for being the only party with a "clean record" of its MPs submitting questions before the April 8 deadline. Shame on BN, DAP and PKR. They have worked so hard to be in those shoes that they are in right now and yet...BUT they can't seem to perform the simplest basic task-submit questions. Both old and the new ones are totally irresponsible.

Let's walk the walk!
Don't just talk the talk!

The old MPs from are a total shame as they know this is part of their duty! As for the new ones who were very vocal during the last election, I thing they are as good as a vocalist only! Tian Chua (PKR) who is very anti-establishment can't seem to fulfill the mandate given by the people to represent them. And what is his excuse? "I forgot about it"! And what about DAP's Ramasamy's excuse? "It was just a mistake". And as for Anifah (BN), you are an MP regardless of your portfolio, so there's tonnes of questions for you to ask. So is this a sign that they can speak and protest more than walk the walk? It sure looks like that for now. But I hope they will buck up asap and serve all the Malaysian better!

These 3 are 29 of those irresponsible MPs. A big boo for them, and may this mistake won't be repeated again. Hats off the. Come on, emulate PAS! I'm sure there are many questions to be asked right? If not they wouldn't have voted for you to vent their discontent!

The Black part of this post is PAS is still ambitious about turning Malaysia into an Islamic state. Before the election, PAS said that they'll never ever in the non-Muslim voters' lifetime, turn Malaysia into an Islamic state. So these gullible poor people buy their words fueled by their discontent on the current government.

As we expected, after election Tsunami had stroke and the dusk had settled...once again the old PAS bear its mask again. Yesterday, they did not rule out that they are very much still want to transform Malaysia into an Islamic state. Their argument is easy. If Malaysia is an Islamic state, then only Malaysia have a national status. How blatant and insensitive! And PAS did agreed that non-Muslims in fact have a lesser place. Meaning that other races are inferior and of lesser importance in Malaysia? But that's not what PAS told the non-Muslim during the pre-election. So we have to decide in another 5 years. And I guess by then they'll again come up with something else to blindfold us.

Well! Well! Well! PAS buttered us with sweet talks and promises before the election. And now it seems talk is cheap in this case. Besides a promise is not a guarantee right? So whose fault is it? Us! And I'm sure that perhaps tomorrow they'll announce another statement saying that they had been misinteprated! Remember Malaysia is made up of Malay, Chinese, Indian and the other races. In fact Malaysian itself is a race by far more important than Malay, Chinese or Indian. So PAS, clean up your act. By the way, we already have a national status and identity-Malaysian!


Andy said...

If I were you I'd only take news from neutral outlets like The Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini seriously. Spinmasters are trying to drive a wedge between PAS and the people. So, mainstream media like The Star should taken with a grain of salt.

Tekkaus said...

Well...nowadays I seriously would consider bloggersphere is the mainstream media! The Star, NST is nothing. So, what's written in Malaysiakini, Malaysian Insider or even the dethroned MSM could have another version of it! =)