Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Live Life! Had Morphed: Tekkaus

It's morphing time!!! There are 2 Morphing issues going on in this post.

The first one is from now onwards, Live Life! will be known simply as Tekkaus! I had hesitated to change the name a few times. But I finally after much brainstorming and scrutinizing, I made up my mind to go with Tekkaus! Why Tekkaus? Easy, because it sounds more simple. More on this in the future.

Bye bye Live Life! We miss you!

Besides the name, I have also made some changes to the layout. No doubt that my previous one is rather messy. The latest one promised to be more clean and neat although it still bears the clutter feeling! I had omitted a few useless widget and added another few not-that-useless ones. Both for practical and artistry reasons. I must say Tekkaus looks better right now! Personally I really love the new Twitter box and that fancy animated clock. All in all, I hope you guys still enjoy reading this same old brand new Tekkaus. =)

The second one is about Nokia! Yupe! Nokia is undergoing some rigorous change to its services, products and its roles in this world. By the way do you know that Nokia was founded as a timber company? The Nokia that used to do logging is now the No. 1# cellphone producer in the world. And Nokia is the No. 5# top brand in theworld right now. Not bad for a company used to chop woods and timbers!

A nokia that bend! Cool man!

Obviously change is in Nokia's blood. Once again Nokia is taking another step ahead of its rival by morphing! As companies like Apple and Google find cool ways to embrace the internet and technology, Nokia for its pedigree surely isn't going to sit around. Hence Nokia is changing its way and prioritising its customers needs and wants. And Nokia Morph, the latest concept phone is surely one of the giant's endeavours. If you guys have time, do watch the video. If not, click here to read about it! =)

P.S.: Don't worry folks. Tekkaus will still provide you guys with the best that it has! Stay tune for more from Tekkaus ya!