Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Yupe! On 22nd of April, we will dedicate this very day to Mother Earth! But really, is one day enough as a reminder for us to save her from cancer? And this cancer that is plaguing Her is us-moronic, self-centered human beings. Yes. Some of us (human) thing that this earth will never come to an end at least now when they are still alive. Great! I hope we will all reincarnate and reap the fruits that we sow! Taste our own ignorance!

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Fellow Malaysian. Let's do our part to save her. We are Her children too. Some of you may say that say that nothing will go wrong and every effort needed for Her restoration is underway. But the opposite is true. Did anyone of you watch Animatrix? The scene where we are all blanketed by smoke and metals but the greens. This nightmare is inching closer and closer to us. Wake up right now!

So how will this affect us Malaysia?
1~Haze has become an annual affair to us.
2~Water level will increase by 3-14cm by year 2027. And we are already dealing with lots of floods.
3~Temperature will rise and this will could lead to rise in vector-borne disease.
4~And many more which I'm too stupid to tell!

We better clear our selfish acts before it get us back. Don't destroy this planet that have given us everything! And doing nothing is also destroying Mother Earth in a slower way. Remember: It's our duty to protect her! So what can we do to help ease this pain of Mother Earth? Easy, just do what we did today on a daily basis!

To find out more on what we can do. Click here!


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