Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Leona Lewis' Forbidden Kingdom!

Hie, guys! Last week I didn't post anything about Monday Blues right? Don't worry this week I won't play truant again! For this edition, Leona Lewis and Forbidden Kingdom are the picks of this week. And the 2 star actors is in too-Jackie and Jet Li. I'm sure this week's Monday Blues will be better than the rest!

Simon's protege!

Leona Lewis has been making waves since her advent. And even the Simon Cowell is full of praise for her. The mogul said that she's a great role model for young people. And guess what? She's only 23-the same with me. She had broke so many records and I'm sure more will be shattered soon. I've heard her hit too-Bleeding Love. Do enjoy the MTV! And I'm sure you'll agree with Simon.

Her blood donation campaign works!

If I'm not mistaken this is the very 1st time, Jackie and Jet had acted together in a movie. I'm sure both of them are household names across Asia, and perhaps the world? The Forbidden Kingdom an American Teenager who is obsessed with Kung Fu. One day he stumbled upon a stick, which was used by the legendary Monkey King. Later he found himself back in ancient Chinese. Okay enough unfolding! Watch the trailer.

Impressive poster! Let's see how it perform!

I would love to watch my favourite stars grace the silver screen together. Never mind that they got a few rotten tomatoes. Come on wife, let's go now!!! =)

Let's kick butt!