Sunday, April 27, 2008

Must Read: Is MalaysiaTopic A Splog?

Yeah! That's what I'm going to call it. So fellow Malaysian blogger please beware. MalaysiaTopic could also have taken tiny bits of your post too. I've notice that this website has out-sourced the part of article I wrote without proper mentioning of the original author. And he/she proudly claimed that he/she submitted it! The fella should have at least stated our names when submitting excerpt of our post in MalaysiaTopic!

My original post. Click to view.

The Splogger! Click to enlarge!

I noticed the articles were submitted by a person nicknamed as Kaytee! The article should be submitted by us. Not this Kaytee!!! Who on earth is he/she? I tried to contact the webmaster of MalaysiaTopic, but my effort was in vain. Obviously the culprit does not want to be contacted! What a sinful person he/she is. I hope that he/she will clear this issues and give proper credit to the post stolen! I'm not sure if one of the reasons this he/she build this MalaysiaTopic is to drive traffic to the website and benefit from it! Darn.

So everyone should start a blog or website which have the same way of attracting traffic by taking part of others blog/article without proper credits given. Hopefully, the person(s) involved will correct this mistakes before things get worse!!! Check and see if you are a victim too.


Unknown said...

wow, how could the person copy you like that?

tell them you will contact the lawyers - they will call you back for sure!

kena to me, a website copied me bulat bulat! :)

Tekkaus said...

Wuah! You also jadi victim! But yours really good mah. So the fella copy bulat-bulat lor. =)

Unknown said...

oh ull be surprised - that company is actually quite a recognised company! they copied not words, but my banner (not my blog one) - they just flipped the colours!

Tekkaus said...

Wow! That's one really unethical company! Hmm...then later on how? Did they pay you compensation? Man! So many no-brainy people around!

Unknown said...

i told them to take it down immediately. in fact, we wanted to work with this co. at first.

so i suggested they could do something back in return - ive yet to re-propose to them.

but u know what, after i sent that email, i got a call straight away :)

Tekkaus said...

Wow! Then what happened afterward? You got the job? =)