Sunday, April 27, 2008

Firefox And Manchester United Keep On Crashing

There are 2 urgent alerts detected! 1st would be Firefox. Lately, I've noticed that my Firefox seems to miss its footing more and more often. It crashes now and then. I wonder why? Is it because of bugs? I'm not sure what is going. Each time I browse or blogging, Firefox seems to suck out almost all my RAM. Even sometimes it uses all the CPU power. Gosh, what is happening? It had became really resource hungry-so greedy!

Too much fire!!!

Recently, the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology reported that there are 11 (ELEVEN!!!) different bugs that plague Firefox were detected. An 5 of the flaws have been characterized as critical!!! But I thought the very reason we have switched from IE to Firefox is because of its stability and security features? Well, not anymore. Perhaps there is too much fire on Firefox, which resulted it to burn out! That's why my computer freeze a lot nowadays. Hopefully a stable update is released as soon as possible before my Firefox perish! Arrggg! How frustrating!

2nd critical alert is the fall of Manchester United in Stamford Bridge! It seems that Manchester United is crashing really often right now. They were held by Barcelona last week and now hammered by The Blues. And credit to the resurgent Ballack for his efforts. If Manchester United keep on playing like this-crashing here and there. Then both the Champions league and Premier League will gone.

Chealse 2-Manchester United 1

Okay, I'm a Man U fan and of course I hope they will not lose their steam right now! Come on, let's fight till the end! The coming weeks are the toughest in this campaign. It's now or never. They have to field they strongest squad right now for every match. Complacency is not an option anymore. Everything is on the wire right now. If the devils don't rise, they'll perish and the Champions League and Premier League will go up in smoke! Come one! Manchester United boleh!

P.S.: Don't forget to update your firefox if you are using one ok!


Anonymous said...

Use opera then. Or, even worse a text only broser like lynx should be fine for you.


Tekkaus said...

Haha! Thanks man! =) will consider about it.