Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is The Transfer From Balkis To Bakti Legal?

Well! Well! I know this issue is rather "basi" (outdated in Malay) already, but it certainly worth a 2nd or 3rd mentioning. Surely this hot news splashed across the front page of several dailies and made headlines in MalaysiaKini. Now is it right to transfer the money from *Balkis to *Bakti? If it's a few thousands, Khalid sure won't make a big fuss about it...but what involved is a staggering RM9.9 millions!

The battles of Past & Present intensifies!

Khir Toyo insisted that the big sum was temporarily transferred to Bakti on pretence that Pakatan Rakyat might remove some of the students from the list. I'm not sure if that fear would materialise or not. Zahrah Kechik (Toyo's Wife) said that the money was hard-raised by the Balkis members through various fund-raising charities. Wait: Meaning that the money was not from tax? So they deserved to transferred the money to Bakti since they feel that they could no longer serve effectively to help the underprivileged groups in that state. Plus they also felt that the new government won't be able to utilize the fund the way the former had planned. They might be right too.

Really? Let's see if you are right!

Hmm...that means that they will still use that money to contribute to the underprivileged in Selangor? Let's hope they will walk the talk. So IMHO until the legal tussles revolve around the RM10 millions had been resolved, the money still belongs to them since they managed to use the loopholes of the Balkis constitutions to transfer the money. That is they trasferred it before dissolution of Balkis. Really smart!!! So, they must continue to help the underprivileged for now their are being closely watched!

P.S.: Wow! The aftermath of Tsunami is still felt till today. 50 days and there's still something that pops up now an then. The least I can say is let the justice prevail and the bad be punished! But let's not get too carried away with political gamesmanship ok.

*(Balkis=Wives of Selangor Assemblymen and MPs Welfare and Charity Organisation)
*(Bakti=Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers)