Saturday, April 26, 2008

MalaysiaKini Was WRONG?

Nobody likes him!

All this while tonnes of Malaysians will flock to MalaysiaKini to get alternatives news besides from the alleged biased MSM! I was again and again blasted by anonymous readers urging me to read more news at MalaysiaKini for it provide only the truth. There are also friends and bloggers who had banned MSM in favoured of MalaysiaKini. Claiming that they provide nothing but solid facts. I however have a second thought about it.

Yesterday this renown alternative media had to stoop a little bit to admit it had wronged Khairy over its report claiming there was a recount of votes for the Rembau seat during the general election. Okay, everyone could make a mistake, but this should not had happened to MalaysiaKini. It has a reputation uphold. But it seems now that it does got influenced (a little) by other sources for its news. MalaysiaKini explained that it was informed by PKR candidate Badrul Hisham Shaharin that EC had told him there was a recount. MalaysiaKini was smart to admit this mistake although it came too late. It had been more than 50 days! What took them so long to realise this?

Perhaps later on, naysayers and staunch anti-establishment supporters might even shoot back at me saying that even MalaysiaKini is being manipulated by their so-called useless, feeble, corrupted BN? Who knows? But I'm sure MalaysiaKini is trying really hard to correct that mistake and cleans its slightly dented image. For now, we all know that as readers we should be more careful with what we read. It's hard to know who is right? And who should we believe!

No doubt Khairy had wronged lots of people in the past. But this time around, he was the victim. Since then he had remained rather low profile. So the score is even? I don't know. Let's see.


CY said...

Like many rakyat, I was one of those who followed the real time reports on election night. To read of this Malaysiakini's admission is disappointing, to say the least.

Tekkaus said...

Perhaps that is really something fishy going on. Beats me. I'll never know the truth though. Anyway let's hope the bad will be punished and the good will prevail. Thanks for dropping by CY! =)

Is said...

The truth is our PM is lacking on leadership. He hasn't got the value to lead the nation.

Tekkaus said...

Does the inability of Pak Lah had anything to do with this post? Beats me. Your comment is totally, utterly unrelated to this post Ha =) Obviously you are of anti-establishment.

Yes, Abdullah really has to correct every single mistakes that he or the other BN members have done regardless of whether they support him or not. And he needs to do it fast. Anyway, thanks for your comment. I would really appreciate it if you don't stay anonymous. Again. Thanks.

Bengbeng said...

fifty days ? is past we still have many years to will be interesting to see the direction of the country in the coming next few years.

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Just hope that we don't get to caught up and they don't get involved to much playing politics. It's time to deliver and walk the talk!