Saturday, April 26, 2008

The First Woman Olympian

A lot of issues are surrounding the Beijing Olympic right now. And the biggest of them all is of Tibet demonstrations that went quite ugly. The follow up then got France in trouble with the so-called media distortion and allegations on China. Now, tonnes of Chinese across the globe is boycotting France for tarnishing their beloved China. An eye for eye aye? I wonder if Carrefour in Malaysia is affected!

The pioneer!

Anyway with just a few months more to go before the commencing of Beijing Olympic 2008, I would like to share with you guys who is the 1st Woman Olympian? Her name is Charlotte Cooper. Now a little bit about her: Back in 1895, Charlotte Cooper won her 1st Wimbeldon singles titles wearing a respectable ankle-length dress, as was proper in those days.

Women were allowed to participate for the first time at the 1900 (108 years ago) Summer Olympics in Paris and Charlottle took home gold medals in the tennis singles and mixed doubles. This double Olympics medalist is also won her 5th Wimbeldon singles title in 1908 at the age of 37 years 282 days, an age record that still stands. She did the women proud alright!

Just like the 1st woman Olympian, Avril wears a tie too.

And do notice that she wore a tie? I guess Avril Lavinge got her fashion tips from the late Charlotte huh! So this fashion trend actually dated back 100 years ago and made popular by Avril? And yeah did yo guys know that right now there is another Charlotte Cooper, but this young lady is from the band The Subway! Perhaps she's a reincarnation of the former? Beats me. What's with the identical name?

Charlotte Cooper's reincarnation?
Where's her racket?

With 104 more days to go before the commence of the World Greatest Game, I really can't wait. I wonder if China's opening ceremony could outshine the previous one in Athens. Until then we will know. For more information about the Beijing 2008, click here.