Saturday, April 5, 2008

I'm Using NOW Right Now!


So what's with Now? Patience will tell you guys a little bit later. Here's a recap. Did you guys recall on the 1st of April I wrote a post which read You Live Only Today? Basically it's about living in the present and not waste a moment pondering what the future brings and procrastinate whatever plans or obligations that we should do. Here's the exert...

"Which is the best day? Is it the day when you get married? Or the day you have a pay rise? Or is it the one where you newborn came into your life? Nope, the best day is certainly TODAY! Seize the moment..."

And guess what happened after I posted You Live Only Today? Hours after I posted it, my computer monitor kicked the bucket! Without any warning, it went blank!!! Wow, I surely didn't see it coming. And that monitor belong(ed) to my brother. Perhaps it is old already. 6ix years. Is it the normal lifespan of a computer monitor? I'm not sure. Is my post a curse? Or the computer thought it could live only today? So he killed himself? It's body is still in my living room. Rigor mortise had gotten it.

Me, holding the demised monitor! *sigh* =(
In the back is the new monitor!

So now I'm using Now-my new monitor. I'm staring at it while writing this post. I forked out RM190 ($60) to get Now back to my house. Perhaps it's not that expensive for some, but it did burn my pocket! So for you guys who always switch your monitor on even though it's better start letting it rest more often before yours kicked the bucket too!!!

So...I'm using NOW right now!


Unknown said...

Oh my, what a pity. But good you got it settled fast.

Thanks for sharing this info. Gonna keep my co on sleep mode when not on Now onwards. :)

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Kesian (pity) me. But old is gold right. But I'm happy that i settled it too. =)