Friday, April 4, 2008

Your Mood Could Kill!

Don't kill yourself!

Fellow bloggers: we have heard that depression could kill a person instantly-suicide! Now, depression could kill you softly by giving you a hell of time. We all know that feeling unhappy will make us sick right? But not, our mood could actually assassinate us in another more excruciating way. A new Harvard study reveals that feeling down can raise your risk of colon cancer.

Don't let this happen to your colon!

When researchers analyzed the medical reports of 82,000 people, they found that those reporting the most symptoms of depression were 43% more likely to develop cancer than their cheerier peers. "Depression may increase levels of inflammatory markers an immune suppressors linked to an elevated risk of colorectal cancer," says Candyce Kroenke, M.D.. Fortunately, it had been found that previous research shows that cardio work can both boost your mood and block cancer. Want more protection? Take your exercise outside: The natural vitamin D produced by sunlight could tame tumor.

So for those who is only glued to the monitor, keyboard and the mouse; it's time for you to leave them (for a while) and go outside and flex your muscle. This include fellow bloggers, gamers and surfers. Stay happy all the time okay. Don't be depressed. If you are feeling down and lonely. Try to open up to someone. It's not the end of the world okay. Life is too short. Cherish it! Treasure it! Live it! Remember: Your Mood could kill!

Emulate him! =)