Monday, April 7, 2008

Gimme Money Or I'll Blow Up!

Yeah! I need some money too. Last week I was RM200 ($60) poorer due to the demised of my monitor. Are you the type of fella who has been working (or saving) for years…but still don’t have a single penny in your bank; or if you’re the sort who needs a little encouragement to start saving money, this just might be the rude awakening that you need. So what do you need? A BOMB!!! Wooo~terrorist-made???

Is it this dangerous?

TOMY, the Japanese Toymaker will, has come up with a new “piggy” to REMIND you about saving for the rainy day! Well, this so-called “piggy” is actually a bomb-bank! What? Well, this bomb will lights up, vibrates, makes loud noises, and essentially (eventually) explodes and scatters the coins inside if you’ve been lax in your savings.

How to play with your BOMB? (click picture to enlarge)

You can set the BOMB to explode if it hasn’t been fad daily (so now we need to feed it? Another Tamagochi thingy?), every three days or random. The TOMY Savings Bomb Retails for $27 and is available at Strapya! It is a little expensive, but it might be just the right BOMB for you to start saving right? Have fun playing with your new "piggy"!

Watch this BOMB blow up!

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