Monday, April 7, 2008

I Feel Like 7-11!

Hope the saliva won't stink the keyboard!

Yeah, that's what I feel right now. No sleep for more than 24 hours, just like our favourite 7-11. I haven't got any sleep the whole. Managed to "produce" the 3 chapters of my thesis for proofreading of my "boss"!!! Another 11th hour effort done. I really need to halt my last-minute action dilemma. Man, I'm really old already. Nocturnal shouldn't be the way!

Perhaps I should work here!

Just ate my lunch-"wood noodle" (which is a direct translation from chinese) and I'm so darn tired right now. I really feel the blue man!!! No wonder they said you'll feel it every Monday-Monday Blues. But as usual, every Monday for Monday Blues I'll post something about the top 5# box movies. Will scribble a word or two about the selected movie and share with you guys the movie trailer! And I'll also update the Top 5ive Music and Top 5ive Movie that you saw on the left side of the bar.

Okay for this week, 21 is still the 1# movie in USA. Perhaps it's those gambling and explicit sex scenes that draw tonnes of people to watch it? Your guess. I've watched the trailer...just okay. But the pick of this week is Nim's Island. Based on the trailer, this movie should be just alright for those wanting to ease their mind off the starting of another gruesome week.

Ok! We got it! It's your Island!

This 3# movie revolve around a young girl (Nim of course) who imagines the island she's living to be magical, basing its mystic nature on the experiences of her favorite fictional character, Alex Rover. When Nim's father goes missing on the island, Nim teams up with Alexandra, the author of the Alex Rover books and Rover himself. Hmm...the author actually imagining too much! Is she on drug? So this movie is a family type of movie. Expect to see lots of drama and comedy from heavyweight such Jodie Foster. Bring along your colleagues, pals or families to watch this wacky movie. It sure will blast your blues away! =)

Let's see some action!