Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bloggers United!

We, Bloggers are best known for our voices which cannot be taken lightly right? Want to be vocals for the right reasons? Here's how you could do so. Coming this May marks the first anniversary Bloggers Unites. Hence BlogCatalog is launching an awareness campaign for this 15th May. We will unite for human rights. So on that very day, we will do what we do best-blogging! There are plenty if human rights issues which we can blog about. It's up to us to do our part for ourselves. For more information, click here!

Here are a few topics suggested by Bloggers Unite:

1~The wrongful imprisonment of journalists covering assemblies.
2~Governments that ignore the plight of citizens left tot he mercy of gangs.
3~The censorship of the Internet in order to prevent freedom of expression.
4~Harsh punishments that include torture, forced labor, and starvation.
5~Sexual assault against women by members of military or militia.

Do your part! And I'm sure we are all pretty good at this right? By the way, do grab a badge to show your support for Bloggers Unite. I've grabbed mine. Grab yours at here!

Bloggers Unite
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