Friday, April 25, 2008

5 Simple Weight Losing Tips

Is this "evolution"?

Nowadays, more and more people are transforming into a plus size of their usual self. More and more people are being reckless with their health and risk getting the "bells and whistle" that comes with being obese! Beats me. And when they realised that they are gaining too much, they simply can't stop their daily regime anymore. So here's 5 simple tips to shed some of those inches around your waist!

1~Optimise Your Goal
Don't see goal that is too far-fetched. Set a fairly ambitious one, and another minimum one. This will give you some latitude in defining success. By giving yourself several achievable options, you'll always be on track, even if you've only hit the minimum.

2~ Stop Right Now...
...if you are having thoughts of sliming down overnight. Even being and anaroxic won't make the break! Set incremental goals, such as losing 1 pound each week which will lead to change in habits. Reset your target at the end of the week. Always keep tap of your goals and progress.

3~Ignorance Is Bliss
You must ignore those a-la "before" and "after" advertisements common in most magazine. A study in the journal Eating and Weight Disorders found that these comparison ads raise unrealistic expectations. And worse still, this ads might even batter you self-esteem and make your dieting program looks silly and futile!

4~Don't Be Over-focused
In other words, don't get too immersed with getting yourself back to your yesteryears size. Remember that dieting is not a do-or-die mission. Don't start too fast and get burn out before the race is over. Sometimes being a tortoise could really outrun lots of rabbits. So be slow and steady with your dieting. There needs to be time when you're not the person who is trying to lose the weight. Let yourself indulge in those fattening cornetto once in a while. Get a life!

5~Lose Just 5 to 10%!
Yep. If you are not looking to be a body builder for the Olympics in the short time, then losing 5~10% of your weight can really help you a lot. This can eliminate the need for high-blood-pressure meds, cut your diabetes risk by 58%, reduce your heart disease risk by 4% and lower your odds of having sleep apnea.

You can do it too!

P.S.: I hope you guys enjoy dieting healthily okay! Don't take your health for granted. Being the on the plus side (obese) will bring you more minus than you expected! Happy healthy dieting. I need to get into a workout too. =)


Unknown said...

good share uve got. haha. like the yesteryear share :)

im keen on loosing the extra shades lol - but like you said slowly :)

Tekkaus said...

yeah! If not we will be having aneroxia! haha =) Must keep waistline slim...of not too fat. If not more disease will come.