Friday, April 25, 2008

Sara Bareilles Won't Write You A Love Song!

The album cover-Little Voices!

Her full name is Sara Beth Bareilles! If you guys don't really know who is she, I'm sure you guys are familiar with the catchy tunes that is making waves in radio stations-Love Song! So this week's Juke-Blog I will "write" you this Love Song. This American singer-songwriter and pianist released her 1st album back in 2003. But her real big break came last year through her Little Voices album!

This Love Song had garnered lots of attention and had peaked at No. 1# for several charts. She's even compared to Delta Goodrem, Fiona Apple and Norah Jones! This MTV is funny in a way that it involve a jukebox that requires you to insert coin to hear her sing! Okay. why don't you guys wacth the video and see how good it is! For more information about Bareilles, click here. Enjoy the video.

The little jukebox!