Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kah Choon: The Hero And Villain

Man of the moment!

Kah Choon has been in the mouth of everyone these few days. Some condemned his decision to take up positions in two agencies in Penang as greedy. Some even went as far as saying that his actions resembles a man taking a mistress to have a son because the wife cannot bear one. He is deemed as villain. But to others, this specky fella is a hero in his very own right!

Yesterday, Kah Choon "divorced" both his wives (Gerakan & BN) and once and for all wipe out any objections and debate about him. So no more music for Kah Choon. And his naysayers are numb and dumbstruck right now. As the title of this post read, IMHO Kah Choon is both a villain and a hero!

He's a villain because...he did go against the spirit of a party. In other words, he's being unprofessional in one way or another. Kah Choon knew very well that his actions would have caused a lot of problems both for himself and for his parties (then Gerakan and BN). In Gerakan's shoes, Kah Choon is mirrored as someone who is rather irresponsible and not loyal. His decision further jeopardize Gerakan's already crestfallen image. This is truly unacceptable from Gerakan's paddock. A move which I would say unwise. He should have quit Gerakan before accepting the posts offered by Guan Eng. Although Kah Choon insisted that this has nothing to do with politics, the others will never buy this. So, Kah Choon indeed made a mistake for not handling this issue more delicately.

He's a hero because...he's willing to risk a lot to serve the people in Penang (some might insist he just can't face the thought of being powerless). He is risking his political future and his pedigree is put to test. He might be made the scapegoat (by both BN and Pakatan Rakyat) if he failed to measure up. Again and again Kah Choon reiterates that he has only one mission-to serve the people regardless of who is ruling Penang. His appointment also reflects that DAP recognised his ability to shoulder both the posts of director in Penang Development Corporation and InvestPenang.

Last but not least, it doesn't matter if Kah Choon is a villain or a doesn't matter anymore. What matters right now is for him to steer Penang's economy to greater height. And I'm sure with his experience, the Penang people will benefits fully from it. And it doesn't matter if his appointment is one of Guan Eng's political ploy! What really matters is the people will be well served by Kah Choon. So let us see how he measure up and whether he is up to the task!

P.S.: Hopefully he will not join neither PKR or DAP because this will in turn contradicts to his previous conviction-that is to serve only the people.


Bengbeng said...

hero or villain or not..i will not judge but i think he has a lot of guts and i admire him him for that

Tekkaus said...

Yes. He has lots of guts for doing so. Let's hope he will fulfill the promise he made to the people! =) Let's see.