Monday, March 24, 2008

Your Pet-sonality!

The cheerful and fun-loving owner!

What do you keep as pet? Next time just show me your pet and I can more or less know what’s your pet-sonality. Opps! I mean personality. According to Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK, Pets and owners are just like married couples and they get more alike over time. He surveyed 2500 pet lovers about their characters and those of their pets.

Prof. Richard discovered that the longer animals had been with their owners, the more likely they were to share similar traits. He found people who have:

~Dog keepers believe they are cheerful and fun-loving

~Cat lovers consider themselves dependable and sensitive.

~Fish owners are apparently the most contented.

~Reptiles rearer are the most independent.

So do you keep any pets? Want to know more about yourself? Just look at your pet then. It may very well mirrors who you are! Hmm...does that mean I'm most contented because I keep fishes? Hm...can't tell! =P

Want to know your pet-sonality? Get a pet then! And do give it TLC okay! Don''t just neglect it once you are bored with it.