Monday, March 24, 2008

Cheese! You Are On Camera!

No doubt their poster is always better!

For this week's Monday Blues, we will talk about the 3# movie in the USA-Shutter! It seems that Hollywood is running out of steam to create horror flicks. Seriously, their Asian rivals are now creating more and more top notch ghost movies. Japanese, Korean, Hong Konger and Thais are rolling out slew after slew of great horror episodes! What happened to Hollywood? So it seems logical that the next best idea is to RECREATE the original one.

The Copycat Shutter Trailer!

But sadly, as we all knew...Imitation is Limitation right? So no matter how genius the director and the acting casts are, the best they could grind out is the second best of the movie they try to copycat! So, most of the recreate Asian Horror movies often flop and appear silly! No disrespect but that's what going on right now. And the latest recreation of Shutter is also set for another dismay carbon copy!

For those who had watched the original Thais Version of Shutter should have known how scary it is. There's so much twist in it and in the's really one sad movie and you really will sympathise the poor fella (main actor)! Likewise in the Holly version of Shutter, you just wish he died right away. Hmm...perhaps this is due to bad acting? That is my say of course. But for those of you who had watched the genuine one would have agree with me all the way! The Holly version is purely for those who have not watched the Thai version.

And for those who had not watch's a chance for you to make some comparisons. And for those who had watch it, here's another glimpse of it (I know you miss it amid it's scary!). =)

Here's the original version of Shutter! Must watch. Click the links below to watch.
  1. Shutter (EP 1)
  2. Shutter (EP 2)
  3. Shutter (EP 3)