Friday, March 21, 2008

Barisan Rakyat: Let's Start With Corruption!

They arrived and started with corruption! Wait...I thought they wanted to end corruption! But why do they do so? That's what the newly elected Perak and Penang governments are doing right now. The PAS led Perak and DAP spear-headed Penang is corrupting its citizens. They are giving incentives for wrongdoings. At least that is what we saw. Actually it's an ethical bribe! My bad. In Perak and Penang, both its new governments are waiving the summonses and compounds!

Don't worry! Just beat the read lights! Our summons can be waived!

This is what the newly appointed Menteri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin said, "It is a one-time arrangement. All unsettled compound notices involving traffic and hawker offences issued until March 17 by all local councils will be waived."

He also bravely added, "This is not a move to encourage wrongdoings but is in appreciation of the people's support." So people support wrongdoings! Easy, just break all the laws and elect PAS-PKR-DAP again for the next election, and then let the Barisan Rakyat appreciate what we did by waiving compound and summonses. They said it's about rewarding. Yeah. Correct! Rewarding wrongdoing! Even school children know this is wrong! Good, I have strong feeling that the number road accidents will increase in Perak and Penang! Since the law breakers know they have the strong support of Barisan Rakyat to break the laws and will be waived or pardoned in the next election. Kudos to Barisan Rakyat!

Let's hope this don't happen!!!

Well, that's how they wanted to reward people-giving ethical bribes. So be it. Thanks goodness, Selangor did not follow their footsteps of bribing their people ethically!

And yeah! About nepotism. We had heard Anwar's PKR wanting to stop nepotism...but really did he know the meaning of nepotism when he uttered his objections? Me and my several colleagues find his statement rather foolish and childish. Why? He is practising nepotism himself!!!

Daddy will look after me!
Don't mess with me okay!

Easy-is like smoking in front of children and asking them not to smoke. Here's the true meaning of nepotism: patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics. So in other words, Anwar himself had practise nepotism! How? Why did his daughter was chosen to contest in the last election? Do you think that no one else in PKR is better than her? How about Lim Kit Siang's son Lim Guan Eng appointment as DAP president? I'm sure there are others who are better than him. No disrespect, but you guys can think about it too. So isn't this nepotism? Why do they do so-appointing their family members? Easy-to gain more control and power in their own respective party. That's why they can have more say. Seriously, all politician are power-craze (till certain extent).

Stop nepotism? Ha =D Stop making yourself a laughing stocks first!

P.S.: Anyway, let's all of us do our part to contribute to the rakyat. Let's heed Pak Lah Advise and not be corrupt. It doesn't matter if you are from BN, DAP, PKR OR PAS. Just don't be corrupt. Please!!!


Anonymous said...

Walaupun saya merupakan penyokong kuat PKR. Namun apa yang saudara jelaskan adalah benar. Moga-moga mereka akan merancang semula apa yang ingin mereka laksanakan. Ini termasuk ulasan yang diberikan. Anwar memang telah mengamalkan nepotisme. =/

roh said...

Hi. It is good to see the younger generation, such as yourself, taking an interest in the socio-political landscape of the country. But what I am really impressed is your ability to separate wheat from the chaff (or is it the other way around?), not an easy task, given the thought that the younger generation have a tendency to emulate the most popular trend. For that my friend, I salute you.

Nonetheless, the nation is heading for more interesting times. The question that need to be answered now is who is more fit to run the nation... Is it better the devil you know or the angel you don't? With that, I bid you adieu and hope that common sense will prevail amongst Malaysians. I pray for Malaysia and its people. Cheers.