Friday, March 21, 2008

Hello! Hello! HELL-O!

Yes boss! Yes! Yeah!

Yupe, yapping too much on your cellphone may be straining your relationship, sending it to HELL-O! In a new study in the Journal of Marriage and Family, researchers analyzed cellphone usage of 1,367 couples for 2 years and found that relationship and family satisfaction drop as cellphone usage goes up. And what does this mean? Your spouse or children may feel neglected.

Hell is waiting for yappers!

Always being available to your employer can blur the boundaries between work and family time. So let the calls go to voice mail or screen them more strictly. So do silent your phones or else you may be seeing your spouses long face! Be sure to enjoy more quality time with your family okay! Remember: family first! :)

P.S.: I thing the same goes to relationship. If you are with your boyfriend/girlfriend, be sure to silent the phone and concentrate your time on them instead.

Silent your cell in the cinema too!