Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Traveler Tips

Yay! I'm finally here at the beach!

Hie guys, if you are into traveling here and there! Then, here's a few helpful tips for you from Mr. Bean himself (kidding of course)!

What do travelers need to keep in mind to get the most out of one place?
If possible rent a car. Public transport is good but being bound to a tour bus or something like that really take the fun out of the whole traveling stuff! Having a car enable you to have the freedom-you know you can come and go anytime! A bicycle would be fun too, though a tad slower. Seriously. :)

This bean-car could be just the
trick (if you could find one)!

Besides that try to stay at hotel, motel or whatever-tel there is that have many other backpacker! Why? Well, because you are going to meet them, hang out with them and they'll tell you about their yesterday, and you'll tell them yours, and you'll kind of get ideas from each other. The bonus is: things that are not even in the thickest guidebook!

  1. Always ask for a bump when going to flight. This could lead to cheaper trips in the future!
  2. Talk to bartender! They surely know lots about the local.
  3. Pack your old underwear. Then you can dump it towards the end. Lighter load for your homecoming! Great!
  1. Don't ever book to travel agent. There's plenty of other ways to put together your dream vacation.
  2. Never trust a foreign cab.
  3. Don't drink the water!

Or you always learn from the man himself-His holidays!


Monk said...

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Tekkaus said...

Yeah! So why the hack are we paying more? =/