Thursday, March 6, 2008

Streamyx "New" Deal?

Yeah, Now for Rm60 you can get unlimited coke and hamburger!

There's good news and bad news for this new Streamyx Combo! The good news is, now no more monthly home fixed line rental fee is charged...but...well here's the catch (the bad news) for RM60 a month you'll only be surfing at 384Kbps connection!

The other packages without the monthly home fixed line rental fee include 512 Kbps (RM90), 1Mbps (RM110), 2Mbps(RM140) and 4Mbps (RM160). we all know, the promised connection speed is should I say not achievable. Now that they have these new offer with only 384Kbps, bandwidth intensive activities such as gaming and streaming video is almost impossible. Unless you can wait...and wait...and WAIT...

So Deal or Deal? I'm not so sure is a great deal. But if you are those seeking for leisure connection and don't mind playing the waiting game, check this deal out here! But I strongly suggest you have a second or third thought about it.

Likewise, TM should lower the price since its deliverance (bandwidth) is still not efficient and as promised! Well, who doesn't want more profit right? But in this case, TM is a tad...IMHO greedy!!! Hopefully other players will make Streamyx work harder and be more competitive! Maxis and DiGi! We are banking on you guys to beat them! I'm betting all my money on DiGi (my favourite-est network provider) to beat them!

Nope, you won't be surfing this HIGH and FAST
with Streamyx's new "Deal"!


Anonymous said...

I don't see any much difference on the so called new package.
I was using 1mbps package now priced at RM88 per month and my fixed line bill cost less than RM30 since I'm not make much phone call with it.
the new package cost RM110 for the same piece of shit.
gimme a break

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! You can say that again! They really need need to revised this so-called new "deal"! =(