Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wow! Now I Can Speak In 10 Languages!

What they are saying!

Actually, I mean now this blog (Live Live!) could speak in 10 different languages. Literally though. Yes, as you can see on the top right column, now my blog could be translated into 10 different languages! Just click on the flag and voila, Live Life! is translated into the language that you choose!

Now, it doesn't matter if you speak Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian or Korean. It doesn't matter anymore. Just click the flag and it will translate! Don't believe it? Click right now! :)

There's other site translator such as Babel Fish, and a few slick ones from Widgetbox. But I like the one that I used the most. It's just nice! Full credit to the creator of this neat translator-Joel Robinson! His idea was incorporated from the Google translator gadget's blog(which doesn't have flags) and Dummies guide to blogger beta(which doesn't have Russian and has the simplified Chinese). Brilliant!

Hopefully fellow bloggers will find this widget useful!
Click here to get it now!