Thursday, March 13, 2008

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Host!

Blog, blog, blog! There are tonnes of people asking: is it necessary to have a blog? Or is blog really that important in our life? Obviously it may not as important as food or money. But in this modern world fueled by globalization...if you don't have a blog, you might be left behind. Why? Because blog offer various services ranging from easy business advertising, digital storage, product promotion and ultimately a diary which is boundless and unlimited!

There are a lot of bloggers out there who utilizes blog as their career for earning some easy (hard actually) cash. So it is not unfounded that nowadays ProBlogger are one the rise. But bloggers don't just blog for the sake of making some cash right? A space to express ourself is suffice to be the main reason for us to blog? Don't you guys agree? Your voice could be heard by millions of people. And for those who are kind of reserve and more introvert, blog could serve as a platform for you to spread your wings!

According to recent statistic released by Technorati, there are 175,000 Blog created everyday in the world of blog aka Blogsphere. If you are not a blogger and have read this far...I'm sure you should start blogging too. Here's the Top 10 most popular blog host for you to choose from! Have fun picking one to start your own virtual voice!

Users: 8,911,336

Blogger is darn popular and it is free. By using FTP, Blogger initially was built by Pyra Labs but was bought by Google in year 2003. You guys can start blogging in just 3 simple steps.

Users: 1,115,004

Wordpress provides 60 templates for you to choose from professional looking template to templates that make you feel zany. Besides equipped with CSS pro, Wordpress also offer blog statistics.

Users: 40,000,000

Xanga offers weblog, PhotoBlog, VideoBlog (vlog), audioBlog and popular social networking. Xanga is more popular among teens and for private journal.

Users: 14,105,307

Also known as LJ, this service is free and you can store text, profiles, your masterpiece art, photos or multimedia files into the provided space. Apart from that, Template System can be used to create your own layout.

Windows Live Spaces
Users: 27,000,000 (Total)

MSN space was the old discarded name, enter Windows Live Spaces. It enable blogger to stay connected with their family and friends apart from blogging. Because Windows Live Spaces has become a local community, a lot of blogger choose to set their blog at here for convenience purposes.

Users: Not Available

Among the famous paid blog services is TypePad. It is based on Six Aparts Movable platform which makes it different from the others. It also shares the same technology such as API. TypePad is targeted for those who have zero or little idea what blog is by using its Whiz application. Good for first-timer.

Yahoo! 360
Users: Not Available

Another brilliant service from Yahoo! Although Yahoo! 360 is still in its beta, it does offer some neat features and could be a main contender to Windows Live Spaces. A good place for sharing everything-music, video, photo, idea etc. You must have a Yahoo! account!

My Opera
Users: 1,223,558

Well, what makes My Opera stands out is because it is offered by a web browser company. A nice and good effort from Opera. Besides having the usual blog and videoblog capability, polling is also part of My Opera service which makes it more fun to use.

Users: 300,000,000

By judging the number of zeros in the users you could obviously know that MySpace is one hack of a massive community social network place. MySpace is also the birth place for several stars such as Shaun Kingston. Surely this is one star-studded blog provider!

Users: 60,000,000

Another social network site which is seen as a direct rival to MySpace. FaceBook is more popular in UK and are students, undergraduates favourite! You bet FaceBook can catch on MySpace?

Well guys, those are the top ten popular-est blog host right now! I'm sorry if I missed out anyone's favourite on the list. So, decided which one you will embark your virtual journey yet? Each one is unique. Perhaps you can take a look at each of those sites before making up your mind! =)

Still can't make up your mind? Good! I will throw in another bonus 10 Blog Host suggestion for you to choose! Enjoy making this hard decision okay. :)
  1. Multiply
  2. Fotolog
  3. FotoPages
  4. Flickr
  5. DiaryLand
  6. Open Diary
  7. Blogsome
  8. TBlog
  9. Blog Drive
  10. Friendster

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