Thursday, March 13, 2008

Youngest Face ever Booked as billionaire!

The CEO: Got his Face Booked!

Who is he? Mark Zuckerberg, the 23-year-old founder of Facebook. According to an annual list published by Forbes magazine, he is the youngest ever self-made billionaire. The magazine also put the former Harvard student's personal wealth at US$1.5bil based on what it said was a conservative value of US$5bil for Facebook and Zuckerberg's estimated 30% stake. Amid privacy controversy and allegations that he stole ConnectU's idea, no one could stop his meteoric rise to fame and become the youngest billionaire! So what do his critics have to say now?

Dreaming of becoming the next youngest self-made billionaire? Always wanting to have your own social network site? Actually you could have one to call your own. Well, if you have a couple of hours explore the following nine links! I promise it won't a waste of your time! =) If you guys manage to build one let me know. All the best.
  1. Ning
  2. KickApps
  3. CrowdVine
  4. GoingOn
  5. CollectiveX
  6. SnappVille
  7. Broadband Mechanics
  8. Cerado
  9. OneSite