Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank You Hotlink!

Today after sending my wife to lecture, I went to the shop to buy a Hotlink reload coupon. I went to the shopkeeper and asked whether they have the reload coupon...but to my dismay they said now they only offer direct top up! I said thank you and went to the other shops...and guess what...not 2...not 3...but 7 shops are not selling reload coupon anymore! Only direct topup!!! I'm sure is one darn fussy guy. A little irate...i ride my Blacky (my Honda Fame) back!

Back in my room I complained to myself about Hotlink trying to churn out more profit by direct topup! Gosh, Hotlink must had heard my rambles. Instantly I received a message from Hotlink. The title is Hotlink Gift which reads "Your line is Re-Activated! From 26 Mar to 30 Mar, U CAN USE YOUR BALANCE to call or sms yr friends. Continue to enjoy best rates from Hotlink (5114A2)".

The surprise from Hotlink! Thanks =)

My~my! So I don't have to topup in another 5 days. I have never received such message before. I'm sure there are other lucky users like me. It's a very generous courtesy from Hotlink. In other words, Hotlink are trying to shackle me to stay loyal by being generous! Ha =) Anyway thanks Hotlink! show my appreciation, I'm going to do some promotion for Hotlink.

Yeah! Your Active10 Banana Boat!

Yes! I'm sure every Hotlink users have used their Active5 right? Now Hotlink is doubling the Active5 into Active10! Yes, that means now you can sms (1 cent) and call (15 cent) 10 of your closest friends at the lowest rate! Wow! Good news for everyone right? So start enjoying these benefits right now (if you haven't)! Have not activate yet? Then activate now!!!

Last but not least, I just want to thanks Hotlink for making my patchy day looks a little better! =) Don't worry, I will not abandon Hotlink (for now)! Hopefully you guys had activate you Active10 and enjoy the benefits. Take care everyone. And don't be fussy like me, just direct topup...but if you refuse...maybe...just maybe you'll get what I got too. *wink* ;)

Thank You Hotlink!


Anonymous said...

wha....1sen sms! That is freaking cheap. My sms are 75sens per msg.

Anonymous said...

huh your wife is lecturer ar

Tekkaus said...

Actually, she's just a student! =)