Monday, March 31, 2008

Are You being E.A.R.N.E.S.T.?

You guys might just throw back the question to me. Earnest to what right? You'll know if you continue reading. Hie guys, I just came back from Malacca today. And the journey us rather tiring. I departed from Malacca Central...then I'll ride the train from Seremban and finally reached UKM! Of course I still need to catch a Rapid to reached my house. Darn! 4 hours of travel. I'm not complaining...but it's just that today is special though. Because Seremban is heavily jam. That's why I'm back late. =)

That aside. Let's talk about what we should be earnest about. Actually everything. But for this post, I would like to share about being E.A.R.N.E.S.T to our health. Yupe! It's important to look after our well-being. Even toddlers know about this. the adage goes "ignorance is bliss". You guys buy that? I won't. And I know how debilitating it is physically and emotionally if we ignored our primary duty to our self-health!

Eat well
A healthy diet and good eating habits are essential.

Activate your body
Not your Active10 okay. Get moving (physically)! You'll feel better than ever before.

Reduce excessive body weight
The nearer you are to your ideal body weight, the better your health.

Never neglect your medication
If your doctor gives it, take prescribed!

Earnestly monitor your health
Make it a point to keep track your blood glucose, blood pressure, body weight and blood fats values. Do quarter-year check up to screen your body for any warning (cancer etc)!

See your doctor regularly
Never overdue your medical check-up. Procrastination is never good!

Take time to learn more about staying healthy
The more you know, the easier for you to manage you health and lifestyle.

You guys better be earnest to your own health okay! Don't let yourself down. Time ticks and what had happened cannot be corrected or re-edit! Usually there is no second chance with our health! So let us all try to be as healthy as possible. Start today! You wouldn't want to see your family and loves one crying...seeing you suffering right?

Do you want to end up like this?
No one does! So let's be E.A.R.N.E.S.T!

P.S. Tomorrow is Monday right? Let's try by eating right. And for ladies, don't try to torture yourself. Eat healthy and do more exercise. Diet the healthy ways okay. =)


Mrcoolku said...

hey, u live at hentian kajang right?

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Haha =) I lnew you'll guess it sooner or later!

Mrcoolku said...

wow, sounds like you had know me before that. you see before? i don have any memory i know you. lolz...

Tekkaus said...

Nolar. Just Kidding. Ha =)