Monday, March 31, 2008


For this week's Monday Blues what would it be? The 1# in USA is 21. But the trailer of dragonflyMAN...I mean Superhero Movie is miles better for me to share it with you guys on Monday! Come on? Another superhero to kick the Blue on Monday? We already have Spiderman, Cicakman, Batman, Superman and now DragonglyMAN? Perhaps his addition is really welcomed. Why? Because he is darn clumsy and I really want to see how he could save the world!

What is Spidey doing at the back
dragonfly? Hmm....I wonder...

This week 3# in the USA Box Office is Superhero Movie. Yeah, you'll be seeing a guy in green suit falls all over the place. And he can't even really change to his secret green suit! After watching the trailer I thought "Someone give me a break! This is wacky." If you are feeling bottled up and really needed a "opener". Catch Superhero Movie, I'm sure you'll spill all over the places. No joking! Just be sure to brush your teeth because you are going to open your mouth and laugh all the time!

Who am I? I'm DragonflyMAN! Ha =D

Yeah right! Fly then!