Monday, March 31, 2008

Flocke Is My Entrecard Mascot!

Yupe! Everyone has their own Entrecard right? If not get your here right now! Some create theirs with their self-portrait; some exploits cute girl or sexy lady; others prefer bizarre stuff from zombie (I wanted to use this too) to plant. But for my entrecard, I really would love to have Flocke as my mascot. Why? Because this little girl (Flocke) reflects what live is!

Isn't she adorable?

Who is Flocke? Well...Flocke is a polar bear cub who was born in captivity at the Nuremberg Zoo in Nuremberg, Germany on 11 December 2007. Keepers took Flocke away from her mother, Vera, last week after she grew restless and kept dropping the five-week-old cub on the hard rock floor of her enclosure. Already under fire after another of its polar bears (Vilma) ate her own two cubs days before, the zoo did not want to risk a third death. So Flocke was hand raise by her keepers!

By the way, do drop me your cards ya! Flocke would love to have them! =)

Flocke received her name on 18 January 2008, after numerous submissions of proposed names by the public. Flocke, or "flake" (as in "snowflake") in English, was the name first given to the female cub by her zookeepers. Against all odds, she is still living and is really healthy right now! Flocke epitomise what it's like to be a fighter. To Live Life! to the fullest! Let us be like FLocke okay. No matter how hard things appear to be, we will do our best to fight it! Watch Flocke playing around her "territory". Cute!


Mrcoolku said...

i think i also wanna get one. but i saw some article said it is useless. anyway, i will try to get one also sooner or later.

Tekkaus said...

Actually it could help it we really use it. But..have to know how to use it 1st.