Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My 101 Posts!

I just passed the century mark and this happen to be my 101 post (yay, some cheers to myself!). It's half past eleven right now! I'm sipping away my Nescaffe! The rich aroma never fail to make me more alert. Addicted to it as you guys know. The day is dark right now. Kind of like night if you like. It's pouring out there. Very heavily! There's this saying...when it rains it pours.

The same goes to our country who had just settled the general election. Sometimes I do ponder whether this election is meant to benefit the people who those who will helm the power! Just like right now...our country is pouring!

Rain is good...but too much of it is disastrous!

It's like Malaysia is crying for us to stop all these political saga. Be it BN, PKR, DAP, PAS or even the kings-please stop doing what you are doing right now. Don't you guys notice that it's raining now and then. Yeah, it must be the monsoon season huh. I sounded childish but really, IMHO some of the politicians and the "big fellas" is too obsessed with power right now. Everyone is trying to exert their authority! Damm, and we people actually voted for them! They bickered within themselves (PKR, BN, PAS, DAP) now and how on earth they are going to do what they really should-serve the people!

It's pathetic to read the newspaper everyday...finding that people is being decayed nowadays. Moral value is hardly present. And nowadays there are lots of rebelilious youth who vent their anger and dissatisfaction everywhere! From blogs to vandalizing the much-needed public phone! What is happening! It's like they thing they are doing something great and are so darn proud if themselves. Is like they thought they are really fighting for something right. Perhaps...but the modus operandi is totally not suitable. Everyone please wake up. Don't let the history repeat itself. Come to your senses please.

I love Malaysia very much. How about you guys? If yes, don't be naive and let's protect Malaysia. She suffered enough and totally don't deserve it. Don't let the shadow of the day blanket us!

C'mon guys...this really gotta stop!


Steven Goh said...

ya loh, every day is raining very heavily. Have to prepare umbrella.

Tekkaus said...

That's Rihanna's Umbrella is such a hit right now!


KL also raining during evening la~ Sien nia, traffic jam lo~
btw, chris, i've mentioned about u in my latest post, pls drop by n say hello when u r free ya~
here's the link:

Tekkaus said...

Thanks for writing something about me! =) Will check it...NOW!!!