Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Maria Carey Wants You To Touch Her!

For this week's of Juke-blog, Miss Mimi gets the nod to be featured. Seriously I hardly could find any picture of Aunty Mariah Carey with lots of cloths on. The clothes are getting more expensive I reckon. Now in her late 30s (i thing so, judging by her old look), she still manage to produce hit song here and there! Not bad for a lady who once almost had her career doom.

Aunty Carey! She's getting fat huh! =)

Touch My Body is Miss Carey's latest hit and the video is funny in some respect. As usual she's always scantily clad and she's always exploiting herself-letting her assets dangling and showing off lots of flesh. Perhaps this is what they call: "use what you have". In her case-her body! But I really need to mention that the lyrics deserve full credits. It's very catchy and rhymes well with Mariah's Voice. And the guy in the video sure is funny!

But her voice still sounds...okay! All in all this song is good if you are singing for your spouse. Otherwise it sounds malicious and I'm sure you could hear this song now and then at the sex parlour or whore house. Damm, no wonder nowadays so many guys can't keep their pants up. this song is bad for us? I don't know! You guys decide it.

I bet tonnes of red-blooded guy is dying to touch her right now. You guys take your time to touch her okay! I will take mine to touch my assignments! Lots of it!!!

She's still wants to look "adorable"? Beats me!


GnomeFan said...

the damn music video is somewhat erotic..LOL..
she's so sexy in this video..
eventhough she's old,she is still hot!
so, who's to blame? her or us for watching it? ;p

Tekkaus said...

Haha. Us to blame? =)