Monday, March 17, 2008

Saving My Husband!

Yay~away the least until the end of April!

First thing first I don't have any husband to rescue. I'm a husband and I'm not a gay (no disrespect). I'll talk about my title a wee later. You'll see. Right now, I wanna share with you guys about this morning. Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! I labored 120 hours (minutes just kidding) to study my Marine Productivity subject today (5.30 am~7.30am). And I managed to pull it out during the 9 a.m. exam. Well, well I'm always an 11th hours studier (don't be like me) huh! Thanks goodness I had some basics, if not I'm a dead meat now.

Well, after cramming my head with tonnes of information on phytoplankton, carbon dioxide, know the old school stuff that we had learnt in our secondary school. That's why as I mentioned earlier I managed to pull out of it without Sounds persumptious? Haha =)

Then later when the clock strikes 1pm...after munching our and my wife get ourselves together to watch Saving My Husband. It was a family-oriented Korean movie. More like a just-married movie. You know the, pampers, dad woke up late for work, and mum mess up with everything. Very interesting actually. Okay here's the synopsis from Cruncyroll:

Come, let's go save daddy!

"Former volleyball star Guem-sun is now a married housewife with a young daughter. Her husband, Ju-tae, is starting the first day of his new job, when Guem-sun receives word that her in-laws are going to visit the following morning. While she struggles to get their house ready, Ju-tae is taken out for a drink with his new colleagues. Later that evening, Guem-sun gets a phone call from a nightclub owner who is holding her husband hostage, claiming that he has run up a huge bill and doesn't have the money to pay for it. Strapping her baby to her back, Guem-sun sets out to rescue her husband."

Click the following to watch Saving Your husband:
Live Life! Rating: 3/5!

Good movie, a recommended performance for those who just got married. Who says a wife can't save a husband right? All you need to do is grab a volleyball and spike! and spike! and spike! and spike! Okay, too much. Period. :)