Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3-D-ionalize Your Browsing Experience!

3-D-ionalize? I'm not sure if there's such word but I'm sure you guys guess what i mean right? How? Well, it's easy. Just install the PicLens software and in less than a minute you will be able to view photos and your computer screen 3D-ly. Neat huh!

Say...you google an image, then point your mouse over any picture, click the play icon that you see and...voila~a wall of images will floats across your screen. Then you could pull the stream of images across the screen as if you were in Minority Report. Uber cool! For example, I google-ed for images of zombie, I mouse-overed and clicked the play button in one of the images, and this is what appears...

This is really cool! And it is FREE!

PicLens is actually a web browser add-on. It displays photos from Picasa, Flikr, MySpace and whole lots more. Best of all, PicLens is FREE and is compatible with IE, FireFox and Safari! Click here to download yours! Enjoy your 3-D-ionalized browsing experience. =)

Anyway, if you guys are still skeptical, do view the following demo! And the company claimed that PicLens is spyware, adware...whatever-ware-free. So worry not ya. Enjoy the DEMO! Hopefully you'll find it useful.