Monday, March 17, 2008

Ever Wonder Why?

Where is this land? Your are stepping
on it right now-mother earth!

Yes. Ever wonder why you have one mouth instead of two? Ever your curiosity itch wanting to know why you have one heart instead of two like your lungs? Ever wonder why you have tears? Have many Whys that you never bother to ask yourself why your whole lifetime? Here's your chance. Ask God!

And such a coincidence...that the other day, God had produced an MTV (war...nowadays God is so high tech huh?) for me to show to you guys the answers to your Whys. Hmm...everything happened for a purpose right? So let's see why God created us the way we are right now. Enjoy the MTV guys! =)

Watch your answers here!

Now that you know why you have one mouth, one heart...isn't it the time for you to look after God's blessing? Cherish yourself okay. Cut down those booze, tobacco, and drugs! Stay away from them.

P.s.: Special thanks to my brother for stumbling upon this MTV from God. Ha =)