Monday, March 17, 2008

Who? Who! Who.

Who you there?

Yes, that's what Horton heard. Who! And who on earth is Horton? Well, he is the elephant who happened to stumble upon a speck of dust (flower dust?) who is talking to him. So who is talking to Horton then? Who of course. Ha =)

Okay, here's a quick zap from all the WHO confusions. It turn out that the speck of dust is actually a tiny planet (ouh....), home to a city called "Who-ville", inhabited by microscopic-sized inhabitants known as Whos. Okie, now you guys know Who is who right?

You see, in this movie, the Whos ask Horton (who, though he cannot see them, is able to hear them quite well) to protect them from harm, to which Horton happily obliges (stupid Carrey, I mean Horton). And guess who is the voice behind Horton the elephant? Our funny guy, Jim Carrey of course. Hmm...I'm not sure if he had to put on some weight for his jumbo character? Okay. so for this week's Monday Blues, let us enjoy the 1# movie in US-Horton Hears a Who! trailer. Grab your mini-pop corn and enjoy this high quality trailer (of course needs longer to load).

Look who is talking right now? Who lor!

P.s.: Try and count how many "who" I had used? Ha =)