Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lagenda-Proton's Maiden MPV!

The Legend!

You guys wouldn't believe it. Months after the success of Persona and the new Saga, Proton is back in the frame trying to regain its market from Perodua! Enter Proton 1st MPV! It's codename Proton Lagenda! This MVP is thought to be packed with the trademark Campro CPS, Campro 2.0 DOHC IAFM, and SRS Airbag with seatbelt pre-tensioner just to name a few.

But no actual date has been reported about the release of Proton's maiden MPV. But reliable sources close had revealed that Lagenda might be on the road as soon as 3rd quarter of the year. It is estimated to be around RM 69K-99K price tag. Not too expensive for its class. It is a must have car for those who love Barangan Buatan Malaysia (Made In Malaysia). For those who are interested, do keep your eyes open for Lagenda's advent!

Malaysia Boleh!!! =) I can't wait to see this baby!


AutoIndustrie said...

Are you about the 2.0-litre Campro engine?

I am not aware that the Campro block can be bored out to 2.0-litre.

Unknown said...

Hello there

May i know from what source did you get this information?

As far as Proton is concerned, we are keeping all of this under wraps and confidential for marketing purposes. that is not even the design of the car as it is not even released to the staffs.

Please state clearly on where is your source from as we need to investigate as clearly as possible to not be it clashing with our marketing plans.

Thank you

JohnRMay said...

Considering its body-on-frame construction, the Perodua Aruz’s handling cannot match the rivals with a unibody construction.