Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Is The Fool!

It's half past 1 in the morning right now. Well, well it's 1st of April again (Malaysian Time). Today is the day where April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day. Although it is not public holiday. But it sure is one fun day to screw around! This day is marked by the hoaxes, pranks and other practical jokes on friends, families and even foes. They say you are not guilty on this day!

The April Fool's Mascots! =)

I still recalled the first person who always fooled me on this day is my dearest mom! She's very good with it. And the gullible me will always buy what she said. Then later I would thing of all sort of tricks for my friends in school. The most common one is "Hey, your shoe lace is untied!" And yeah, if I were to do it in the early morning. 10 out of 10 would buy it. But hours later everyone will be so darn alert and won't believe a single trick you do. Aww...I missed my primary school years. If I could only turn back time huh.

I won't be tricked again this time!

Yeah, I heard that Kuwait had just granted to sales of liquors. Yes, it's legal right now.Okay, this is for real. No joking. I even have the newspaper cutting. Wow, globalization really change the world huh! You can even buy some brandy in Kuwait. Kudos for the government or showing the green light on this! =)

Yes! No joke man! For real.

Okay, back to our topic of the day! So have you guys prepared any pranks for your friends, families or foes? I bet you guys must be waiting for this day like eons. It's payback time. But don't overdo your pranks ok. Just have fun but don't screw things up. Or else you'll be the fool. Don't believe me? Watch for yourself!!!

Who's the Fools right now?

Last but not least, enjoy your April's Fool Day okay! I just tricked two of my friends just now. *wink* =) Hope you guys could successfully deploy yours too. Remember: Don't overdo!

P.S.: By the way, how should I fool my wife? Gotta give it a serious thought! Haha =)