Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Truths: Fabricated Lagenda And Exposed Savvy

There are two truths today.

1-Fabricated Lagenda: First, the previous post which feature the so-called Proton's Maiden MPV codenamed Lagenda is only a hoax. I posted about this fabricated Lagenda yesterday. It is meant for April Fool's Day. I really tricked few of my friends though. In fact it had been circulating for some time now. But I'm sure auto enthusiasts would have notice that spot on right? It's actually a photoshoped photo of Mazda 8! Sorry for those who thought that Proton had really come of age to produce this sleek beast. But...unfortunately It isn't (Hopefully one day this could really happen)!

The fabricated Lagenda!
Only the emblem was changed

The original Mazda 8!!!

2-Exposed Savvy: For those Savvy-er aka Savvy cars owner, in case you haven't know it. Here's another reminder for you. Proton is recalling 34,000 of its Savvy Cars following a possible wheel bearing problem. It's reported that there's a possibility of water entering the rear wheel bearing which could lead to a malfunction of the affected components and loosening of the wheel as the worst-case scenario!!!

Rush your Savvy to the check-up NOW!!!

So, all Savvy-er please take your Savvy to the nearest Proton Edar or EON branch for inspection. Checks and replacements of components (if required) are free. For queries, call Proton i-Care at 1-300-880-888 or contact your nearest Proton Edar or EON Branch. Don't risk your life and your family's. Be Savvy!!!

You don't want this to happen right?


Anonymous said...

As usual & as expected. Proton comes out with problematic cars! It's the same old shit everytime a new Proton is built. Proton's quality is totally crap. Maybe they should take pointers from Perodua which is far superior in terms of quality. When oh when will Proton become a quality car??

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! Hopefully they'll improve on it ASAP! I really love proton but admit perodua are better now.

Anonymous said...

hey chris, you really got me too. i was comparing it to naza ria.. hehe, im one of you mangsa april fool too... really, i have seen the same photo nearly 3 to blogs posting about it... i will remember it,... thank you for the info on savvy, i hope this is not a hoax too... i got a few friends who uses it, i will share it with them.

Tekkaus said...

Wow, i got u too. Yeah, about the savvy u'd better inform Savvy-er. =)