Monday, March 3, 2008

Heavenly Jay Chou!

He is arguably one of the most talented phenomenon among those is tagged along! But he is totally a class above his own right. No doubt about it. I have been listening to his songs since age of 16! Wow, it's been a long time. Well, a fortnight ago he blew Malaysians again in the jam-packed stadium stuffed with 20,000 strong crowd. Just 3 years after his Incomparable to Jay World Tour at the very same venue, Jay kept his audience restless from start to the end.

Complete with smash hits and movie soundtracks, Jay re-enacted scenes from his award-winning films he had starred in-plus all the costume changes-coupled with nifty fancy footwork, as well as some hot salsa dancing skill with eye candy dancers.

His guest artiste of the night was Taiwanese Nan Quan Mama. Together they entertained everyone with 30 songs in the three-hour show with mesmerizing pyrotechnics. Jay who is fondly dubbed as Zhou Dong (President Chou) by the media to his influence has certainly did it again. This a music award-winning musician, singer, producer, actor and director is the heavenly king of Asia! Enter Jay Chou!

He can't tell you the secret, but you can watch it!

If you guys don't believe me, just go grab his CDs and tune in to it. His songs are all diamonds in the rough. The more you listen to it, the more you'll appreciate it! Just like how people get addicted to something! Well, that's all about him for this time. Hopefully next time I could squeeze in more time to write a full-blown post about him! Jay-incomparable! For those ardent fans out there, check the latest about your mandopop king at his official website. =)

Here's Jay's Rainbow (enjoy it)!