Monday, March 3, 2008


Correction. It should be semi-pro! But, looking at the way he put on his "hair band", I thing it's not even quarter-pro! Okay enough crap!

But crap is what you'll get from Ferell who is well-known for his antics and wacky behaviour. You guys watched the Blades of Glory? Then you'll know exactly what I mean. Well, his latest "greatest pro on earth" is no different!

Set in 1976, Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) is a singer who uses the profits from his one single "Love Me Sexy" to buy a basketball team in the American Basketball Association, the Flint, Michigan Tropics. And he later on also plays for the team. Okay, I thing I'm not going to leak everything right! Watch the video to find out more. =)

Anyway, for your information I will be updating the Top 5ive Movies and Top 5ive Music weekly. Yupe, you hear me right, every week. And this will coincides with Monday Blues, Live Live!'s new tag. You'll see this section on the left column of this blog. Need to scroll down a bit though. So, if you guys want to know what's the top five movies and songs just visit Live Life! of course. (p.s.: Top 5ive Movies are referred from USA Box Office while Top 5ive Music are referred from Rick Dees' Weekly Top 40).

Wow! So that's how we play basketball!