Monday, March 3, 2008

How Many Bl$ngs Does Your Blog Worth?

Hey guys, i recently stumbled on this funny stuff! By inserting your blog url, it can calculate your blog's worth. Mine is only $564.54. It's very cheap huh! But no harm to try right. Try to check yours too, it could be millions of $$$. Have fun trying it. And you can add the your blog's worth widget widget to show-off to your visitors! =)

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?

Only $564.54! =(


Anonymous said...

Hi there, mind telling me how long has your blog been running? You have quite some subscribed readers, but your Alexa rank isn't exactly low either... Try to get some links in, will tremendously improve your Alexa rank :)

Tekkaus said...

I'm been blogging for 3 months now! Mind teaching me how to get some links in? Ha =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have only been doing it for less than 35 days, and you will see that my Alexa rank is better than yours (Alexa the lower the better!)... A few ways:

1) Guest blog for other people (write good article for people's blog)
2) Comment on people's blog and leave your URL
3) Link exchange
4) Join forums like

Also, the widget you using to show your blog worth, is based mainly on links in to your blog, so mine is worth about $2000, you can check by typing my URL into the widget :)

hope you find these useful, do visit my blog when you have the time, thanks :)

Tekkaus said...

Thanks mate! Will try my best to improve! =)