Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What a Week!

Seeing Red: At Petaling Street!

It's been a week since I last scribbled anything on Live Life! Yeah, last Thursday was the first day of the Lunar Calender. I didn't sleep the whole day (until 7am) on the first day of Chinese New Year, for we Chinese believe that by doing so our parents and family will enjoy longevity! I'm not superstitious...but I seriously hope it will helps a little!

Went house-visiting with my family as usual! It's a routine so to speak. My father is a strong believer of Chinese customs. He always reminds us that we should pay our elderly visits and not the opposite. Don't worry dad, It had become my principles too. I am very happy that I got to go out with my dad, mom and kor (brother in chinese). But my wife didn't join me (hopefully she can make it next time around). =)

Got tonnes of ang pau. Okay, just kidding...but probably dozens. I don't really gamble this time around of new year. Funny feeling though, but I just don't like gambling. I didn't even get my hands on firecrackes. It's very un-common of me! Hmm...must be something that bothers me (in fact there is, will leak this out soon). Yupe, this year I didn't even hang out with my friends. Sorry guys, but everything happened for a reason. Hopefully the light will shed a little as time goes on. My apology!

The whole week was indeed eventful! Lost my Dream and mum is not feeling well! As for Dream, bygones are bygones. And for my dearest beloved mommy. I pray that she'll be better as soon as possible. I'm worried sick. =( I need a favour from you guys. Hopefully you guys out there who happened to read this, please pray for my mother to get well okay. Thanks. =)

Today is the 6th day of Chinese New Year! Another 10 days it will end. So for those of you who are celebrating Chinese New Year. Don't let it stop ya! =) Again I wanna take this opportunity to wish everyone: Happy Chinese New Year!

Here's a song from Astro's Artists! Not bad!


Monk said...

lost your dream? Eh?If lost your dream, find a new one.

i also lost my dream too but i found a new one ><

Tekkaus said...

Well, it's no an ordinary dream! You'll know about it more later! =)