Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's Coming!

Yupe, I sure can see it, with all the red lanterns hanging up on almost every corner of the country; I can smell it too, everywhere they are selling this pork/chicken barbeque (yummy); and I can almost certainly feel it too. Why? Because the traffic jam is worsening! What's does all this signs have in common? Well, since I highlighted see, smell and feel in red...surely it has to do with Chinese New Year!!! Yayyyyyy! =)

Another 3 more days and we are going to celebrate Chinese New Year. I'm in such a festive mood right now. Ha =) Yesterday I went back to my home. Helped cleaned all the lanterns, paint some tables and do some other chores. Then I'm back here in my campus hostel. Another few hours I'm going back again! But it's still okay since the distance between my home with my university is only 100++ miles (i guess).

Anyway, juke-blog this time will feature a Chinese New Year music video. Inside there's lots of bands. Let me see...there's 5566, Club 183 and too many! I only care about the song. And who say's is about them? Nope, it's about the Chinese New Year right!!! So guys, don't touch that dial and enjoy the song okay. Where's your fire crackers? =)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai!