Sunday, February 17, 2008

AMY's grAMmYs!

Ouh, so this is the latest hairstyle from rehab? Gotta get it!

No wonder everyone in Hollywood is so into rehab centers nowadays. Paris, Britney and Lohan are a few of the big shots who had just graduated from rehab centers. And it seems that more and more stars are now choosing rehabs as their new higher education center for them to be more recognised in Hollywood. Their stepping stones actually!

Thanks to Amy. Now rehab is so IN right now! Pardon the notion that it's a place for those who had problem. Right now, rehab is a place for those who seek to polish their stars and get more media attentions! In other words it's like a gathering for media whores! Ha =)

Anyway, kudos to Amy for dominating the recent Grammy! Darn, I never thought she is this good! 5ive grAMmYs in her helm. Forget the fact that she was involved in so many controversies and had so many problems; forget the fact that she had drug problems and is self-abuse! Never mind that she was a graduate (or still an undergraduate) from rehabs, for a moment let's listen to her...

For this week Juke-Blog, I give you-Rehab from Amy Winehouse! Let us go to Rehab now!

Rehabs Rulezzz!