Monday, February 18, 2008

Motorcylists Beware!

Fork Lock: High in variety! DAMM low in security!

Yupe, this post is written specifically for those who are motorcyclists! Why? Well, I would like to share with you guys about the useless fork lock. Do take notes, do not use fork lock anymore. I hope my fellow Malaysians read this.

Here's why I ha branded fork lock is nothing but a false security! About a week ago, my dream was stolen! Well, it's not the dream that we know. It's my brand new Honda EX5 Dream. If I'm not mistaken a few thief is involved in this vice. Actually they don't need much effort though.

My poor Dream. Bye bye! =(

The thief actually broke the so-called fork lock, that is supposed to prevent theft from happening! Don't get me wrong, I'm not playing the blame game here. But, if the lock is so darn easy to be broken why did retail shops even bother to sell it?

The lock that had been broken!

All in all, DO NOT rely on this fork lock! Get yourself something more solid and unbreakable! Maybe a shackle? And for those dreamers (owners of ex5 Dream), do take good care of your dream okay! Invest more for its safety! For you'll never get your dream back once it's gone. :'(